Monday, 9 May 2011

I'm home

Heya!! how are u doing guys??
hope everything are fine :)
owh ya...i wanna tell u guys something here..

I'M HOME NOW! hahaha...

yeah, finally I'm home :)
its nice to see my family again:)
i was missing them so much....

actually I feel so lazy to write again...
coz i have no idea about what to write..
yeah, its been quite  a long time I haven't  update my blog...
I think the readers started to wondering where's the writer for this blog right?
hehe! no worry baby
I'm back :)
Nur is here again! :)

I'll try to keep update my blog :) hehe
owh ya, I don't mind if u wanna leave ur comment here...
just do it :)
I'm glad to know if someone do his or her visit on my blog :)
*keep visiting! hehe

owh, u can add my Facebook too!
I love making a new friends!
don't hesitate to add me up ya!
I'll approve u guys for sure :)
*and always  keep in touch ya

In fact, I'm glad and I'm looking for a friend who has the same interest with me!
whats my interest????
u wanna know it???
u better say yes...
* nod ur head

its roller coaster and languages!!! haha
so, for those who think he or she has the same interest with me....
just add me up ya! :)
owh ya, I have yahoo messenger too! jeng jeng jeng
if u like we can have a chat too :)

see u there :)
keep smiling and say "Saya Okay Je"


  1. hahaha.. bagus lar ba mcm nie! update taw..i plak dh xnk update blog i, xde mood wat ms ksnag.. hehehe..:)

  2. kaw baru sampai rumah ke soba??