Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Mom, Meen, Nas and short film' shooting in this weekend :)

Its been a long time saye tak balek rumah nie...
too busy with assigments...
 I''m sitting for a test tomorrow..."Flash"
wish me luck ya! :) *thank you :) 

owh ya! I wanna share something here....
our next shooting will be on this Friday! 
yep, our "Liasion Production" with the crews :) 
our short film :) feel so excited to finish the shooting'scenes :)
we'll make it! :)

i called my mom tonight ...and she said everything are fine :)
good then, but i keep missing mom and family.....
just wanna be home now ;(
miss my home too! ahah! :)

but its okay, i'm gonna be alright!
coz i have my sisters here...yep! Meen & Nas!
I love them so much *until infinity :) * I always said this to Nas :) weeeee....
hey Meen! hey Nas! I love u guys! :)
thanks for be there whenever I need u :)
u guys are too awesome! 

and for this weekend, I'm not gonna be around...
*they know this! :)
owh ya! we made a promise to hang out together for this weekend...
and seems that I can't make it ;(
sorry ya :)
just have fun kay! :)
*we'll find another day to 'jalan-jalan tau! :)

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