Friday, 24 June 2011

u might be the next!

hello people...
how u doing?
I'm okay here...
like always :)

owh ya today I'm writing about Spanish Language...
i dun know why i'm so interested in this kind of language...
some people said its hard to learn...
but to me...maybe no..
* u think???
whatever the answer is, everyone has their own reason why they
like a certain thing, isn't it?
the same thing goes to me...
I love Spanish! :) weeee....

Here i wanna share some Spanish words with u guys...
* grammatical error in some words, sorry..
don't get mad huh, its just for fun...

hola = hello
buenos días = good morning 
buenas tardes = good afternoon
buenas noches  = good evening/ night 
como estas = how are u?
muy bien = i'm fine
y tu? = and u?
lo siento = i'm sorry
donde estas? = where are u?
aqui = here
necesito hablar con usted = i need to talk to u
te quiero = i love you 
Yo también te quiero = i love u too
qué hora es? = what time is it?
adios = good bye 

I just love the intonation when they are talking...
sounds cool! ahah
but, i never forget my own language
ya, the Malay Language...
*anybody has interest to learn my language? raise ur hand! hehe
its free, i can give u some lesson...
some people said...Malay is easy to learn..they said that...
so, why dun u try it?? hehe
*inbox me in fb and i'll teach u! deal? :)

I'm quite boring here...
dun know what else to write...
owh ya..I wanna show u guys a song
what song??
a Spanish song of course!
u wanna me to show the Malay song?
i'll share it later ya...
now, its Spanish...
*jeng jeng jeng...
this is the nice song that i've ever heard...hehe *is that so?

i just love the lyrics...
try to listen to the song..i hope u like it :)
* i made my friends love this song!
u might be the next! so, watch out! 

the song was so beautiful...
same goes to the lyrics..
i've provided the lyrics as well as the translation..
so, just enjoy the song...
sang by Alex Ubago...
*he's cute! hehe

*English transalation

A Gritos De Esperanza

To think about that the moon doesn't shine tomorrow
I don't care, i only want to see you smiling

it's what makes me happy
my soul..

And it's true that one distinct look
or some very cold gesture se clava
at my chest
dagger of the bewildering
but love here is the magic

Now that i see you girl
I already miss you
I can't imagine my wounds
if one day you are going far away

Therefore i would like..
that when they ask for me
you shouldn't say them where i went
let your soul be strong
and when you look until the forehead
you don't remember everything i didn't give you

And it's that much things have left/remained
to tell you and that you tell me
so much bouts and passions to live
at your side, oh my live..
at your side

And see that our eyes will shine tomorrow
and that your voice stays demanding me with cryings love
with cryings of hope

Now that i have you
I don't think to lose the time
either to lose myself by my absurd ego
not a single moment
......??, the fear

If they ask for me
Don't say them where I went
let your soul be strong
and when you look until the forehead
you don't remember everything i didn't give you

let your light shine forever
because you're worth it
and i am sorry if some day i intended
that you wasn't you

And if they ask for you
i will only say that i saw you
in my dreams one night
and only dreams since then
to see me everyday together with you

And it's that many things have left/remained
to tell you and that you tell me/let you tell me
all bouts and passions for living
at your side, oh my life
at your side

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